Suns and Spaceships

by Remedy Tree

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released January 31, 2019


all rights reserved



Remedy Tree St. Augustine, Florida

Progressive acoustic music. lyric-driven, hard driving, melody filled, harmony loved.

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Track Name: Suns and Spaceships
1. Suns and Spaceships
Written by Gabriel Acevedo 2014

I’m like the sun and You’re like the earth I feel so far,
Can I shine on your heart?
I’ve been so urgent trying to find a way around,
The canopy of clouds,

Remove the masquerade, so you can hear the words I say can you try,
To see what I feel?
Open up your heart and move the clouds that blind your eyes, so you can find,
That my love is real

You’re like the moon and I’m on a spaceship, I can feel,
The pull you’re trying to conceal,
Please let me land and make you believe its all okay,
That what I’m trying to say
Track Name: Lonely Eyes
Lonely Eyes
Written by Gabriel Acevedo, Leah Lynn 2018

If I do one thing with this life
I want to fill those lonely eyes
You and me, lovely lady
You and me, pretty girl

I took a chance, turned out alright
Let's drive until we're out of sight
Is that so crazy?
You and me, pretty girl

Here we are
Empty glasses on the bar
And all I want to be is where you are
Church bells chime
One more chance, one more time
I'll reach out and past the stars
For you and those lonely eyes

It's not like it's our first time around
Landed here in this dusty old town
Oh, I know it's crazy
You and me, pretty girl

I'd tell you, but you already know
Nothing hurt as much as letting go
You and me, lovely lady
You and me, pretty girl

I found a way to mess it up
You said, "We're too far out of touch"
Is asking for the world too much?
For you, for me, for us
Every week or two, I call
Why do you pick up at all
I just need to hear your voice
Feel like we never had a choice
Track Name: Summer Rain
Summer Rain
Written by Gabriel Acevedo 2018

Take it step by step,
One thing at a time honey,
Don't want make a move I might regret,

Time to catch my breath,
When I said I was lonely,
Didn't mean to spark a brand new Interest,

I like the sound of you all in my life
Like summer rain, If I could find a place where I would just conform, the danger of the lighting beats the healing of the pain, and I'm headed to the place my heart was born,

Carolina hills,
A place to rest my head,
Away from the life of empty frills
My Feet on solid truth,
The only way ahead,
Is the road that leads me straight to you,
Track Name: Life With You feat. Jubal's Kin
Life With You
Written by Gabriel Acevedo 2018
As long as you love me in the morning,
When the Dew is laying heavy on the ground,
We can lay the day to waste,
and listen to the birds and pray
their song will always be true,

As long as you love me in the evening,
When the sun is sinking low behind the clouds,
We can break the walls between
Our rhythm and opposing things,
And somehow make it through,

As long as you love me through the rain,
When the storm has taken all that makes us sane,
We can watch the water rise,
and they will only realize, nothing can tear us apart

As long as you love me till the day,
When the light in my eyes fades away,
You can lay me down

And plant some flowers all around,
forever hold my heart.

I'll do life with you
if you really want me too,
our song will always be true
Track Name: All Along
All Along
Written by Gabriel Acevedo 2014

I chased a dream,
Over some hills into a stream,
I swam with the fishes of the sea,

I chased a dream,
Through the rainclouds several thousand feet,
Up where the atmospheres meet,

There was no plan,
I raced until I held it in my hand,
I realized it'd been there all along,

All along will I find,
The place that I've been looking for a chance to finally fly,
Sometimes dreams are beautiful designs,
Somehow this was meant to be mine,
All along, All along.

I chased a dream,
Off a ledge into a steep ravine,
And I rerealized I had a pair of wings,
All along,

I chased a dream,
To some place where all the Angel's sing,
And I saw God was traveling with me,
All along,

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